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The Gallery at Chases Garage will be closed from December 9th to May 2014. In the interim, it will be used as a flexible space for studio renters, courses in various mediums, workshops and more events - To keep in touch with the happenings this winter, join our email list, follow us on facebook and check back frequently for updates - Happy working everyone!


Chases Garage houses exhibition and small event space. We host annual member's and "in-house" artists shows in addition to exhibits of both local and national artists works and goods.  Events, lectures, demonstrations, classes and workshops will be held here. Check back soon and join our email list for updates of upcoming shows.




Please EMAIL all submissions to We do not accept walk-ins, hand delivered, or mailed submissions. 

IMAGES OF YOUR WORK: Please send us 6-10 images of your work. If you have a website, send these images in addition to listing your web page. If you have work that cannot be demonstrated with still images, send us a video link. Make sure all of your materials are clearly marked. Support your materials with title, media, dimensions, date of work, price and corresponding file names. Do not submit images of work that are NFS.
RESUME/BIO: Include your contact info and exhibition history.  
We carefully review all submissions sent to our gallery. After your submission is sent, allow us at least a month for a response. We will do our best to send you a notice upon receiving your submission, though unless your work is a good fit for our gallery, we may not respond to you personally. Thank you for your interest in exhibiting at Chases!


NOVEMBER 2013 - Open Studios & First Annual "In-House" Artist Exhibition
OCTOBER 2013 - First Annual "Harvestfest"
OCTOBER 2013 - First Annual Summer Sketchbook Spectacular with studio artist & educator, Ashley Norman
SEPTEMBER 2013 - "Invisible Cities" & "Feathery Devils"
AUGUST 2013 - First Annual "Prints & Pots"
JULY 2013 - "An Introduction"/Grand Opening